01. How do I get to the guesthouse?

It takes about 55 minutes by car to drive from Lisbon airport to Milu Guesthouse.

A taxi will bring you from Lisbon Airport to Milu Guesthouse for about €100. For cheaper options check Uber and Bolt (for about €70), BlablaCar, or the Facebook group: “Care share Peniche”.

It’s possible to travel by bus (+/- 1h30min) from Lisboa (from the Sete Rios station) to Peniche (see schedule). You would need to take a taxi/Uber/Bolt (or check Moovit for public transport) from Lisbon Airport to Sete Rios and from Peniche to our guesthouse.

An alternative bus connection (+/- 1h20min) brings you from Lisboa (from the Campo Grande station) to Peniche (see schedule). You would need to take a taxi/Uber/Bolt (or check Moovit for public transport) from Lisbon Airport to Campo Grande and from Peniche to our guesthouse. If no buses are available to Peniche at your departure time from Lisboa, try to search for a later option to Óbidos (+/- 1h). From there you would need to take a taxi/Uber/Bolt to our guesthouse (+/- 20 min).

The most flexibility you can get is still by renting a car from the airport. With a car, you can easily explore the surrounding areas and beaches. Last but certainly not least: a car lets you check out 10 surf spots in 15 minutes!

02. What is the closest airport to the guesthouse?

Lisbon Airport.

03. Do you provide breakfast or meals?

We don’t offer breakfast or other meals. We love cooking together and bbq’s though!

04. Do I need to rent a car? Do you have bicycles available?

A car gives you the most flexibility for activities, checking out the surrounding area, nature, and surf spots. You’re at the beach within 5 minutes of driving.. in your wetsuit and in the ocean within 10! In case you decide to rent a car, we advice you to do this at the airport.

Small supermarkets, restaurants, and shops are within walking distance (5-10 minutes). Walking to the beach will take you about 30 minutes.

We offer bicycles with surf racks for rent during your stay (limited availability). With a bicycle, it takes you less than 10 minutes to arrive to the beach.

05. Do you have special offers for long term travellers?

For sure! We support slow travel and we are convinced that you will only get to know a place when you stay a minimum of two weeks. Write us an email with the duration of your wished stay and we will come back to you with a great discount.

06. Is Baleal a good area for beginner surfers?

Most of the surf spots in Peniche break over sand. Therefore, Peniche is a great destination to learn surfing and improve your skills. This is especially true in the summer when the waves are  generally smaller. The gentle stretches of beach between Peniche and the Baleal Peninsula are a paradise for beginning surfers!

The more experienced surfers will love the choice of waves. From a gentle longboarding peeler to fast barreling action at Supertubos, Peniche has it all!

07. Can I book the whole house?

If you book all of the rooms, please note that you will still be sharing the shared areas of Milu Guesthouse with the owners (and if applicable, volunteers).

Please contact us with a request and we will provide you with a special offer.

08. Do you have yoga mats I can use?

We have yoga mats in the living room that are free to use in the guesthouse.

09. Do you have tips for destinations in Portugal I can visit after/before being at Milu Guesthouse?

Some tips for travelling north: Nazaré, Coimbra, Aveiro, Porto and national parc Peneda-Gerês.

When you travel south: Ericeira, Sintra, Lisbon, national parc Arrabida, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Arrifana, praia Amado, Sagres and Lagos. 

We’ll share our favourite destinations closer to the guesthouse when you book with us!

10. What is the weather like? Should I bring warm clothes?

The weather in Ferrel tends to be a bit colder compared to other parts of Portugal, or even nearby Lisbon. However, it has enjoyable temperatures almost all year round. Rain or snow is a rarity, but the temperature can drop at night. So even in the summer, it’s advised to bring a hoodie and long pants.

On a sunny day, it’s possible to walk outside just in a t-shirt & boardshorts, even in the winter. The coldest months are Jan & Feb; the warmest is late summer, expanding into the autumn when the south wind brings warm air from the Sahara.

11. Can you arrange (kite)surf, yoga or wingfoiling lessons for us?

Ofcourse! We work together with dedicated teachers who love to help you improve your skills. 

We offer surfboards (limited availability) if you would like to paddle out by yourself.  

12. What happens when I need to cancel my booking?

Contact us asap through phone or e-mail. The date of booking and date of cancellation determine if a cancellation fee is applied. See our terms and conditions for details.

13. Can I cook my own food in the guesthouse?

Yes please! We have a large kitchen where you will have a separate space for your food. We love to cook together and usually host a dinner together once a week.

Think of a kitchen item you’ve always wanted to buy for yourself but never had. I bet we have it! 

14. Is the guesthouse suited for remote workers and do you have a good internet connection?

We welcome slow travel combined with remote working and longer stays. If needed, we can provide a desk with a comfortable office chair and extra monitor (please mention this in your booking request because of limited availability!).

We have fast and reliable fiber internet & wifi for all your scrolling and Teams-meetings. 

15. Can I wash my clothes in the guesthouse?

Unfortunately we don’t offer laundry services at the guesthouse. There are laundry services available within 10 minutes walking distance. 

16. Are there parking spots close to the guesthouse?

We recommend you to park on the small parking space across the street, in front of our house. 

17. Can I bring my pet to the guesthouse?

Unfortunately not. We kindly ask you to leave your furry friends at home.

18. Do you do any specials for groups?

If you want to come with a (big) group, please contact us and we will provide you with a special offer.

19. How did you come up with the name Milu?

We are Michelle and Luc.. we’ll let you figure out the rest 😉

Just do it!